The story

W.eye : /wʌɪ/ Example: “W.eye is rimless eyewear so comfortable?”

It began in 2005. Like a lot of small businesses, we started out in a back room in our house. Working our spectacle repair business, Frame Care, I was often asked to bend wires and laser weld bits together to make custom parts to fit existing lenses or frame parts when spares were unavailable or discontinued. It was a fun challenge, and very satisfying to revive customer’s much loved glasses to their delight. That’s when the idea of a completely Australian handmade, high quality rimless frame started to develop.

Over the next 8 years I developed and hand made a set of unique tools for producing the W.eye parts. The biggest challenge was to ensure the consistent high quality I was determined to provide.

I wanted to develop a hand made, high quality product fully customisable for each individual and 100% Aussie too. Beginning with a small display in our workshop, and wearing them ourselves, we found that more and more people noticed and found interest in the design….

With key values such as sustainability and minimising waste, it was always my intention only to make frames to order. W.eye caters for this value as well as being hugely satisfying and a lot of fun to make.

I hope you will find W.eye as delightful as I do.


Founder of W.eye and proud member of “Australian Made”

That’s W.eye!