W.eye is handmade in our workshop using custom made jigs. We make our frames from scratch, so it is fully customisable: Temple length, colour combination, lens shape and size. Our bridges are made in 3 sizes, but if special needs are required, it can be made specially on demand.

Shown here are the 3 current temple designs:

Weye rimless design Original
Original Design: 125mm, 135mm and 145mm (Default). This design can easily be cut back to preferred length.
Geometric: 125mm, 135mm, 145mm(Default).
Weye rimless eyewear Trivium design
Trivium: 125mm, 135mm, 145mm(Default)
Bridge design: DBL 17mm, 19mm(Default) and 21mm.

Electric colour range:

An almost endless spectrum of vibrant colours created by electrolytic anodising “Raw” or “Live Shine” polished titanium.

Transformer examples shown below – a fully customised rainbow effect made individually for each frame and two are never the same.

Explosive colour range:

Our Explosive palette is a Ceramic paint, extremely durable and tough with a satin finish. Note the outside-in two tone effect on the second example. This effect can be made using all combinations of Explosive colours or using a combination of Electric and Explosive colours.