What’s in a W.eye

W.eye rimless eyewear is made only of pure titanium wire, completely allergy friendly and very, very light. In fact it weighs in just around 12 grams when fitted with 1.2mm thick non scripted lenses.

All parts are entirely hand crafted, using

  • custom made bending jiggs
    • custom modified hand tools
      • micro argon laser welding
        • and simple bare hands!

The W.eye parts are surfaced in tumblers with special mediums to smooth out any roughness on the surface and around the welds to a silky satin finish. If required, they are then hand polished and buffed to a brilliant shine.

The colours are achieved by either:

  • electro anodising by hand
    • an extremely durable ceramic paint, applied by hand using air brush
      • electro plating with a nano ceramix coating. (I.e. durable gold is best achieved by electro plating)

Some of them can even be combined, i.e by anodising the frame first, then applying a coat of ceramic paint to either the front or the back of the frame!

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